is an intentionally simple Blogging-Platform with beautiful templates aimed at backpackers. Create a custom blog without ever leaving our beloved Telegram.


The idea was to create the simplest blogging-platform for backpackers.
The main goals were:

  • Be easy to use
  • Save data and battery by only sending compressed media
  • Only require a smartphone to upload media and write posts
  • Notify followers over new blog posts
easy peasy

Super Easy to Use

If you know how to use Telegram, you already know how to use Vagabundo. Everything you send to @vagabundo_bot automatically gets posted on your blog. You can even use channels or group chats to collaborate.

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Fully customize Your Blog

with Vagabundo it is super easy to choose your own subdomain and customize your blog. you can choose between 6+ different themes and can define things like your blog picture and an bio.

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Safe and Sound

Vagabundo strongly believes that your data belongs only to you. So if you want to make a private blog and only give a few people access to it you can do so by giving your blog a password. Also you can delete any post at any time.

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Stay Up To Date

Vagabundo will alert your followers if you posted something new. Of course you also can follow other blogs, too.

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More is coming!

Vagabundo gets constantly improved and new features get added. You can follow updates at If you have a feature request or problems just write me @lucaslove or visit our Community Chat Group

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Solo Maker

The whole project was built by Lucas. A Solo Maker from Europe. Not by a big evil corp that will sell your data.

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