How can I subscribe to blog?

You can subscribe to a blog by clicking the "Follow updates" button in the lower left corner of a blog. Your telegram app will open and ask you to click Start. After you click Start you will get push notifications when the blog publishes new posts.

Can I delete messages?

You can delete messages with the /deletelastmessage command

Can I edit messages?

Of course! You can do this by editing the message in Telegram. The corresponding message in the blog will immediately be updated.

What message types are currently supported?

You can write texts, send photos/videos and record voice memos at the moment.

Will you add more Themes?

More Themes are planned and will be intruduced as i have more time to work on this project. Do you have a theme suggestion? Let me know @lucaslove

Can i set a password for my blog?

You can! Use the /setblogpassword command to set a password for your blog. After you enter a password, every visitor on your blog has to enter the given password when he/she first visits your blog.

Can I delete my blog?

Yes. Use the /deleteblog command to delete your blog. Be careful, you will not be able to reverse this action.

I have questions or want to request a new feature.

No Problem. write me a message in Telegram @lucaslove

Why did you built this?

My friend Yannick ッ went backpacking in New Zealand. He only had his backpack and a smartphone, but he wanted to share his experiences without using a computer and going to an internet caffee. So i build him a very simple telegram bot that saved his messages and showed them on a website. I thought it would be great if anyone had the chance to do the same.

Who built this?

Hey, my name Lucas, I am an indie developer from Europe.